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How much does it cost to rent an office in Kiev?

Finding a new business premises is a difficult and time-consuming task. Primarily because the new office must meet certain requirements of the entrepreneur who wants to rent it. And, of course, not least of all the tenant will be interested in the cost per meter of office lease. Therefore, before starting your search, you need to clearly formulate the main characteristics of the future premises for business.

Usually, the basic requirements for a rented space are practically unchanged and may vary depending on the specifics of the business and the interests of the entrepreneur:

  • convenient location: preferably within walking distance from public transport stops and metro stations;
  • complete set: the presence of repairs, furniture or their absence;
  • office location: autonomously or on the territory of an office center;
  • the presence of alarm and fire extinguishing systems;
  • the presence of security and video surveillance;
  • the presence of parking.

This list can expand and contract depending on what exactly is needed for a particular business.

The cost of renting an office directly depends on how comfortable, equipped and equipped the premises will be.

If we consider commercial real estate, which is rented in office centers or detached office mansions, then the average cost of office rent in this case will also depend on:

  • business center class: A, B, B +, C;
  • number of storeys;
  • quadratures;
  • convenience of placement in the office center itself.

If it is not essential for your business to locate a working office in a specific area, then study the cost of renting offices in the districts of Kiev. This monitoring will help you choose the most suitable location in terms of location and budget. Naturally, the cost of renting premises in the center of the capital is an order of magnitude higher than in districts remote from the center.

It is also worth paying attention to the rental period, since the prices for office rent in Kiev can fluctuate seasonally.

The cost of renting an office in Kiev

One of the best options is to rent office mansions or separate premises in business centers. First of all, because you will not need to worry about many nuances associated with office maintenance, security and other features. In such centers, office rent, the price per m2, depends not only on the location and availability of repairs.

Some business centers include operating charges in the tariff, while others have them as a separate cost item. Therefore, before concluding a contract, clarify all the nuances of pricing and tariffs in order to avoid misunderstandings and unpleasant surprises.

Another factor that has a serious impact on the rental price is the presence or absence of an intermediary. If you decide to use the services of an intermediary, please note that he will also require payment for his work. As a rule, this is a certain percentage of the cost of the rented premises. However, the conditions may be different, so this nuance should also be clarified in advance.

Aurora development is a team of professionals in the real estate rental market. We offer a free service with open access to the database of office offers. Our catalog will answer not only the question of how much it costs to rent an office in various districts of Kiev, but also provide comprehensive information about the options available.

You do not need additional costs for the services of an intermediary, because you yourself choose the appropriate options, contact a representative and arrange views. Aurora development is a convenient service that will save you time and budget.