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Agency services

Office property

The company represents the interests of both asset owners and companies looking for objects for investment or lease. We have a complete, regularly updated database of objects: business centers, detached buildings, residences, coworking spaces, rental businesses, industrial buildings and warehouses. We monitor the market on an ongoing basis, track its trends, and form trends for future periods.


  1. Representing the interests of owners in the lease and sale of assets
  2. Orgnization and conduct of negotiations
  3. Market Trends Consulting
  4. Competitve analysis
  5. Analysis of pricing policy
  6. Recommendations for structuring
  7. Development of schemes for the relationship between owners and tenants
  8. Organization and coordination of design and repair work
  9. Development of a strategy for the object to enter the market
  10. Organization of work to create a brand. corporate identity
  11. Analysis of the quality and effeciency of rented premises, formulation of a development strategy in the context of real estate
We offer our clients constant access to market information and full marketing support for real estate investment activities.