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Concepts and strategies

The basis of every successful project is a thoroughly thought out concept. Analysis of the most efficient use of real estate is one of the main stages of project development. We will investigate in detail all the possibilities of the project, analyze possible development options and give a reasoned answer, which option will be the most profitable and in demand.


  1. Market Segment Research
  2. Analysis of the most efficient use of the land plot
  3. Audit of the commercial efficiency of the project
  4. Financial and economic calculation of the project
  5. Concept development and optimization
  6. Audit of existing concepts
  7. Functional zoning
  8. Analysis of consumer preferences
  9. Calculating rental flows
  10. Recommendations for optimizing planning solutions, design of facades, halls, and technical characteristics of the building
  11. Working with architects to implement the concept
  12. Development of a strategy for the development and management of real estate projects
  13. Recommendations for increasing the liquidity of real estate
  14. Analysis of the efficiency of the rental business and solutions for its optimization (Analysis of rental rates, pricing policy, characteristics of the object)

We offer our clients constant access to market information and full marketing support for real estate investment activities.