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Construction, renovation management

Management of design and construction of interior decoration (offices, shops, hotels). The solutions we offer are aimed at creating modern, creative, technological spaces that are efficient in terms of their further operation, as well as reducing costs in the future. Competent planning and coordination of financial and human resources at all stages of the project's life cycle make it possible to quickly solve any problems and achieve maximum results.


  1. Comprehensive study of the project, conducting a detailed analysis of design and technical solutions
  2. Development of a project implementation schedule
  3. Business plan development
  4. Development of the concept of real estate objects, creation of schemes for filling the object. Positioning amd market promotion
  5. Management design, apprioval of design docuemntation, construction of an object
  6. Control over the execution of work, timing and coast at all stages of project development
  7. Tendering and selection of contractors
  8. –ěrganization of sales of space in a property
  9. –ěrganization of management of commercial real estate objects
  10. Preparing an indicative budget for operating costs
We offer our clients constant access to market information and full marketing support for real estate investment activities.