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Asset analysis

The purpose of the services is to analyze assets in order to improve financial and economic indicators and increase capitalization. Our experts will conduct a full audit of the real estate portfolio and offer effective solutions, management and development strategies.


  1. Development of a development strategy and management of a project and a real estate portfolio.
  2. Financial and economic calculation of the project
  3. Analysis of the most efficient use of the land plot
  4. Development of the project concept
  5. Audit of the existing concept and proposal of alternative options
  6. Consultations at the stage of project development (work with an architect)
  7. Recommendations for optimizing planning solutions, design of facades, halls, and technical characteristics of the building
  8. Financial and economic justification of the project
  9. Analysis of the efficiency of the rental business and solutions for its optimization (Analysis of rental rates, pricing policy, characteristics of the object)
  10. We will offer optimal, well-thought-out solutions aimed at maximizing the efficient use of assets and increasing their capitalization, and, accordingly, market demand

We offer our clients constant access to market information and full marketing support for real estate investment activities.